I have a consultant joining into my company and unfortunately he will not have my company email address. Is there a way I can give him SharePoint access to the site on which he is going to work on? Since he is not on the active directory I was unable to provide him access.

Please help if there is any other through which we can provide him access. Since he need access to that site.


In SharePoint 2010 you don't have this option "adding external user". but you have couple of options.

In my opnion, for a single user except adding in the AD, all others required extra efforts and more work and maintenance.

  • thanks for the comments. I need to check with the tech to find if they can add him to the active directory, but basically i guess the answer must be no from them. I looked into the AD LDS steps, it is way complicated for just one users. Thanks for the effort on answer this. – Mohammed Eliyas Ahmed Jul 16 '15 at 15:56

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