In SP2013, I want to grant permissions through AD Security groups. Some other groups are working fine, but I'm trying to give the group proper rights to make changes to their things & get alerts, and read access for all others on the intranet. I can explicitly give a user to this list Contribute rights and they can then receive the email alerts. If I add the Security group to that list and wait based on the values below, they will not receive the alerts I subscribed them too. I even waited overnight and still they were not receiving alerts this morning. Anybody have any more thoughts or ideas?

LogonTokenCacheExpirationWindow = 00:02:00
WindowsTokenLifetime = 00:05:00
FormsTokenLifetime = 00:05:00

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Not sure why the PowerShell changes didn't do it for me so I tried this below and it worked. I set it to 5 (with the POSH changes set as they were) and got expired messages, so then set it to 10 minutes.

STSADM.EXE -o setproperty -pn token-timeout -pv 10

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