I am trying to remove permissions from a folder and then add new ones.

My script adds the permissions successfully but when I try and get rid of the permissions it inherited it's just not working, it just adds the new permissions on to it.

I am adding to a document library in Office 365

Write-Host "inheritance reset"
Write-host "Inheritance Broken"

$global:test =$true

if($isgroup -eq $true){
      $groups = $web.SiteGroups



      $group = $groups | where {$_.Title -eq $groupAD}

      domainUser = $groups -replace '\\', '/'
      $fullUserName = ([adsi]"WinNT://$domainUser,user").fullname
      $groups = [string]$fullUserName
      if($groups -eq ''){
           $groups = "Rob Ireland"
      $group = $Context.Web.EnsureUser($groups)

$collRdb = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.RoleDefinitionBindingCollection($context)                                
$collRoleAssign = $item.RoleAssignments                               
$rollAssign = $collRoleAssign.Add($group, $collRdb)
Write-host "$Permission have been added at $folderName for $groups"  

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You will have to specify the first parameter as False, which means all the permissions from the parent will not be copied over. See the documentation for BreakRoleInheritance .

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