I have a scenario where I would like to set the default values of a people picker to a handful of users based on information in the form. However, if I set the AccountID of the field to a concatenated string of the usernames DOMAIN\account1; DOMAIN\account2; DOMAIN\account3 InfoPath tries to validate the string as being one username.

Is there any way around this? Is it possible to somehow dynamically set multiple default values for a people/group picker?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Choices are seperated in SharePoint using ;# instead of ;. Setting your default value to DOMAIN\account1;#DOMAIN\account2;#DOMAIN\account3 should allow you to set multiple default values.

Alternatively there appears to be a solution posted on Technet (link) that may work.

In case the link doesn't work in future here's the contents of that:

Hi Thank you for responding. Sorry for not being as clear as I hoped to be.

List A is a customized form library with the people picker as a promoted field from the form. Not build from the library. List B is a document library, and I am actually creating a new item in this library where my default content type is a customized document set.

So my workflow creates an item in the doc library, which is by default a document set. I then set the properties of the document set from the work flow like you show above. But instead of UPDATE, I am using CREATE. This works perfectly fine and how I want it to, except for the people picker with multiple selections.

I found a work around where I have a text field with a default value (done in InfoPath)

xdMath:Eval(xdMath:Eval(/my:myFields/my:PeoplePicker/pc:Person, 'concat(pc:AccountId, "; ")'), "..") This sets the text field with the multiple users with the display name. I then use this field to set the people picker, and it works perfectly.

  • @user1513697 Which soloution worked for you? @Codingo's comment about the using of " ;# instead of ; " or the Technet reference? I'm running into the same issue and concatenating my AccountIDs with the ;# isn't working. Nov 18, 2015 at 22:24

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