How to fully backup and restore my site just once using SharePoint Online?

  • Based on the variety of answers you've received so far, it may be good to expand on your question a little more with some information about your environment. For example, if you have a single team site that has a small amount of data in it, saving a site as a template may suffice. In my experience in working with enterprises with terabytes of content in SharePoint Online, that simply will not work. – Rob Wilson Jul 14 '15 at 20:28

For SharePoint Online, you must use a third party tool. I hesitate to name any of them because I do not endorse any particular one, and I don't want to leave anyone out. I will name a few to help you get started though: Megalogix, AvePoint, CloudAlly, LeapBackup. Keep in mind that Microsoft also currently performs backups for your tenant and keeps them for about 14 days. If you need a restore done, you must create a service ticket with Microsoft. Using the third party software, you will be able to control when you backup, and expedite the restore.

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  • Must you? Would this not be achievable with PowerShell? – Michael A Jul 14 '15 at 5:15
  • You can certainly use the CSOM (Client Side Object Model) with PowerShell or managed code -- which is essentially what the solutions I mentioned do. My assumption was that the asker was looking for a robust, out of the box solution (no scripting required). Maybe a bad assumption... – Rob Wilson Jul 14 '15 at 20:22
  • That makes sense - just challenging the wording for my own knowledge and those that tread in future. Thank-you very much for your response! – Michael A Jul 14 '15 at 22:43

Without using any third party software, you may leverage on Saving site as template. However, please be aware of the following limitations:

  • Site collection and subsite should be backed up separately
  • Limited to 50 MB
  • User values will not be restored if they are not added into the sitecollection beforehand
  • DateTime for the Created, Modified will not be backed up

When I performed a backup and restore previously, I used this approach. For the size retriction, I used Open with explorer to extract out all documents first. This is for me to ensure that the remainder will be less than 50MB.

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    Also, this will not work on a site with Publishing features enabled – Robert Lindgren Jul 14 '15 at 5:03

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