When i'm creating blog subsite i have app named 'Posts'. Is there any way to use this app in team site?

That's what i mean:

What i'm talking about


The Posts list is exclusive to the blog sites, a similar app would be an Announcements list.

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Eric is correct, you cannot add Posts unless the site is created initially as a Blog.

I create almost all sites initially as a Blog since you can add all of the Team site features to it after the fact, but you can not add Blog functionality to a team site without building it from the ground up.


Posts is a customized list which is being used in the blog site. if you see it has columns

Title  Single line of text   
Body  Multiple lines of text  
# Comments  Lookup  
Category  Lookup  
Published  Date and Time   
Rating (0-5)  Rating (0-5) and so on.

So you can create custom list and create these column. but the big question is how you present that data on the page( as it present on the Blog Home page).

I think it is List view Web Part which gets the data from posts list and display it.

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