I am cleaning up from my predecessor. Unfortunately, the workflow is inefficient and runs more times than necessary, creating a workflow history list of 450,000 items in a short time.

Before I can fix the workflow, I need to fix the Workflow History List, which we all know is not "cleaned" by the ridiculous WF cleanup timer in CA.

Should I just edit the workflows to point to a new workflow history list, and then delete the entire default list? I have already seen this: How to delete a Workflow History list?



You can create a new history list but I recomend to delete the entries from current List and use it.

You can delete it with couple of ways:

  • open the hidden list in datasheet view and then delete the items.
  • Use the MSD's Cleanup Workflow History to clean the list, had very good success.

also check this one How to manually create a History List

  • I recompiled it for 3.5 framework. Don't forget to add the microsoft.sharepoint dll reference for SP 2010. – raredesign Jul 8 '15 at 20:03

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