I am trying to get the last major version of a file in a sharepoint-list by using CSOM with the following Code:

        var web = clientContext.Web;
        var list = web.Lists.GetByTitle("MyList");
        var listitem = list.GetItemById(id);
            x => x.File.ServerRelativeUrl,
            x => x.File.Versions,
            x => x.File.MajorVersion,
            x => x.File.MinorVersion

        ListItem oldItem = null;
        if (listitem.File.MinorVersion == 0)

            oldItem = listitem;
            foreach (FileVersion version in listitem.File.Versions)

                if (version.VersionLabel == listitem.File.MajorVersion.ToString() + ".0")
                    String versionUrl = listitem.File.ServerRelativeUrl + "?PageVersion=" + version.ID;
                    File versionFile = clientContext.Web.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl(versionUrl);
                    clientContext.Load(versionFile, f => f.ListItemAllFields);

                    oldItem = versionFile.ListItemAllFields;

If the current version is a major version, there is no problem to load the properties of the desired listItem. Unfortunately if the current version is a minor version the File.ListItemAllFields-Property does not contain any values. Does somebody know what i have to change to get the listItem of the last major version of a file if the current version is a minor one?

Thank you in advance.

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The current version is the base URL, without the /_vti_history/nnn/ part of the URL. With respect to versions there is x Versions + 1 which is the current URL, not to be confused with the current published.

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