I am trying to get the latest version's number

foreach($item in $listItems){
$fieldValues = @{
          "Title" = $item["Title"]
          "Created" = $item["Created"]
          "Modified" = $item["Author"]
  "Version"= $item.["_UIVersionString"] // internal name of version


Here for all the pages i am getting the version number as 512

I also tried


It is bringing total number of all the versions(including the minor versions) i.e if version number 50 has 8 minor versions (50.8) its counting that as seperate version as well

Is there any other way to get the number of the latest version for items?

_UIVersionString “1” = version “0.1”
_UIVersionString “2” = version “0.2”
_UIVersionString “3” = version “0.3”
_UIVersionString “512” = version “1.0”
_UIVersionString “1024” = version “2.0”
_UIVersionString “1025” = version “2.1”

Example : If page version is 5.4 Then it will show 2564

5 * 512 + 4 = 2564

We call this a "base-512" counting system in typical mathematics terms


I think $item["ows__UIVersionString"] should give you what you want.


I found the problem

when i was using "Version"= $item.["_UIVersionString"] i got base-512 versions as Vaibhav has pointed in his answer

But i am getting the correct version like 23.1 etc when i use "Version"= item["_UIVersionString"] (dot removed)

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