I am using SP2010.

In Tasks, I create a task and assigned it to a specific group which has 5 people. What I want is that the task has to be individually assigned to each person i.e. 5 new tasks of same Title etc must be created.

Is it possible to do it?

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Workflow tasks are designed to be assigned to a single person or group only. If you are using the new Custom Task or Approval Process actions, they support expanding groups to assign a seperate task to each member of a group.


Here is one technique from MSDN forums:

  1. Create a new custom column of type User and Group. Check the "Allow multiple selections" option.

  2. Add users and/or groups to the new column created in step 1.

Ref: How to assign values to workflow task person or group custom field?

You can adjust the My Tasks view on the task list to show where new column is equal to [Me].

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You can create a task, then initiate a workflow, assign the group in the workflow and then check the Expand Groups option to assign a task to each member of the group.


you can use replicator activity to create a task for multiple peoples.

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