I am working in a document library. I have a field, SessionType, that is a managed metadata field which can contain either a value of "Upcoming" or a value of "Past session". In addition, each item in the library has an EventDate and EndDate.

I'd like to make a workflow that changes the value of the SessionType from "Upcoming" to "Past session" when the current date/time is greater than the EndDate.

I'm not sure how best to write this workflow. Should it be a timer job? If so, how would I write that?

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A simple workflow should do the trick. This is how I would do it :

Start on item created/modified

Set EndDate in a workflow variable

Parallel Block

Block 1 (set the status when end date is reached):

Pause until EndDate

then Update list item with the new status

then Stop the workflow

Block 2 (stop the workflow if EndDate has changed):

Wait for EndDate to not equal EndDate workflow variable

then Stop the workflow

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