I can't select all intended use cases for a term set in the term store management. "Available for Tagging" deactivates automatically after saving and reloading. If I create a new term set, everything seems to work fine. But after a couple of minutes, it isn't available for tagging anymore. An suggestions on fixing this?

My term set has the following structure:

My Termset: Category (Tagging, Site Navigation, Faceted Navigation)

...... Level 1: Subcategory (Site Navigation, Faceted Navigation)

............ Level 2: Subsubcategory (Site Navigation, Faceted Navigation)

.................. Level 3: Subsubsubcategory (Tagging, Site Navigation, Faceted Navigation)

I'd like a user to pick only items from Level 3 (from a site column). In Addition I'd like to use the categories for a hierarchical global navigation.

I use SharePoint O365.

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The problem was, that I had been invited as external site collection administrator. So I had to set the termsetowner to everyone.

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