I have been tasked to report on the number of site visitors and opening of items in single calendar list.

having already discovered that I should enable auditing for the list in question I went ahead and enabled it. However, how do I enable auditing for the single site instead of the site collection? And finally where do I view those reports?


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You can turn on SharePoint auditing on one list or site, but it cannot be done on using UI. You can turn on it using Server Side Object Model SPAudit object with C# code or PowerShell script, like is described here http://spuser.blogspot.com/2011/10/as-part-of-my-series-on-sharepoint.html

When you turn on auditing on list or site it also can be viewed only programmatically (by C# or PS again) using SPAuditQuery object, like is described here http://spuser.blogspot.com/2011/10/spaudit-how-to-read-from-audit-log.html

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