I am creating a sharepoint site and list to coordinate our quarterly reporting requirements. I have a list for this quarter and the workflows I need set up, but when I hand this over to client services, they will need to be able to duplicate this setup every quarter going forward. I have seen that it is possible to copy workflows to a new list (which would be created from a template of the original), but this is likely too technically involved for others to do. What would be a better solution? I cannot make 'reuseable' workflows as they don't give me access to the fields of this specific list. The only alternate I could think of would be to archive the previous quarter (including all its content) and then rename the current one. Is this possible?


The only ways to do that, require you to be somewhat technical (note, somewhat, not immensely).

  1. The Visual Studio route: Create a site template with all of your needed lists and an associated workflow (as an activated feature). This site can be created with a simple add new site of template Quarterly Report. Takes more work upfront and some technical skills, but faster later on.
  2. The SharePoint designer route: You would need to package the workflow and set the template as a solution that you can activate. Required to be associated with each list, requires a bit of work each time. Detailed here.
  • Correct me if I am wrong, but I think I'll have to go the Visual Studio route as I am stuck using the 2010 software editions. Looking briefly online, both site definitions and web templates are mentioned are mentioned, which do you think would be most appropriate? – whitebloodcell Jun 28 '15 at 15:01

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