I need to validate in item list, that all defined text fields are filled with text if a choice is set with "valueB"; With choice "valueA" the text field may not be filled.

I solved this with list Validation formlula:

=IF(Bereich="valueB";IF(OR(Text1="";Text2=""; Text3="");FALSE;TRUE);TRUE)

The formula works nice.

Now I have to add another text field "text4" which is a Multi line text field and cannot be used in this standard list validation.

So I tried with this Code from Vadim, but it doesnt work: How to validate Multi-line text field in SharePoint

In Addition, how can I Color text fields, until they are filled?

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It should work if you add "text4" as a single line text column and adapt and save your formula. After that you can change "text4" to a multi line column without touching your validation formula again.


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