I'm trying to create a notification feature in my sharepoint 2013 site. I would like it working like the facebook's way (the global icon showing the new feeds of the logged user). I've created the global icon on the top sharepoint's ribbon but I don't know the best way to do the notification system itself.

One of my ideas: Create a WebAPi Asp.Net application with a signalr hub, a event receiver to attach into the microfeed list and a client site html/js to be placed in the top ribbon.

It'd work this way: When a new item was added to the microfeed list, the event receiver calls the WebAPI with the signalr hub, and the signalr sends a message to the client with the new feed data.

I've already checked this question out: Facebook-like notifications when new item is added to certain list/library?

I'd like to know if anyone knows one better way to do this process above. Thanks.

  • would you like to share if you have implemented this functionality? I'm at same stage now. Any help would be much appreciated. – Srini K Aug 8 '17 at 16:37

The SignalR integration and event receiver are overkill. Just query the list every 10 seconds or so in JavaScript, and use SharePoint's built in SP.UI.Notify.addNotification function to surface the notification.

Your proposed solution would increase the level of effort by a factor of ten and provide no additional benefit.

Even better, just query the list on page load, and forget about all the real time stuff, unless you have super-time-sensitive data or users who spend long periods of time on the same page.

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