I am just learning SharePoint 2010 and have a question about creating custom web pages for displaying information. Here is my situation:

I have a list library that the user can filter to see only the relevant items they want. What I would like to do is have the user click on the title of a list item and have a new page come up that displays all the information about that list item in a nicely formatted html page.

As an example the out put for an item could look like:

<p class='desc'>{description}</p>
<img class="img-left" src='{image url}' />
<span class='status'>{status}</span> 

Where the information in the curly braces come from the selected list item. I have seen this question on stack exchange but the solution offered is how to create a custom list view, not a custom page.

I have Googled high and low on how to accomplish this but haven't found a solution to this yet. If I was using Drupal or WordPress, this would be an easy thing to implement. there must be a way to accomplish this in SharePoint. Any help would be appreciated!

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There are different ways to achieve this:

  1. Create a custom list definition and have your own HTML in the dispform.aspx

  2. Create an application page, retrieve the item(you can retrieve the item using SPQuery or Linq Query based on the item id in the query string) using SharePoint object model and display the fields as you desire.

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