I have two excel formulas that are driving me crazy trying to get them to work in SharePoint 2010. Can anyone help with these?



At this point, I know NEWORKDAYS does not work, so I replaced it with WEEKDAY; I also know that Holidays does not work, so we completely decided not to include them



I believe I need to use ISBLANK for this formula and not sure if <> works in SharePoint?


Yes, ISBLANK is what you can use, or NOT(ISBLANK(AI217)) if you do not want to rewrite your formula too much.

See https://www.365csi.nl/vm365com/365coach/#/Calculated_Column_Functions_List for the correct list of Functions & Syntax available in SharePoint; tested them on 2013, but I do not recall there where any changes to 2010.

You might be helped with the CalcMaster BookMarklet I put on GitHub. It attaches itself to the textarea when editting a Calculated Column, giving you (error)feedback on every keypress. Saves a shitload (are we allowed to curse on SO?) of time when changing Formulas...

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