I am working with Office 365 where I have created a workflow using SharePoint Designer, which has few approvals.

The requirement here is:

  • In the task creation email sent to the approver, can we provide a link that directly opens the edit form of the task for approver for approval of the task?
  • There is a link in the task creation email, that redirects to the display form of the Task but I need a link that redirects to the edit form directly.

I am even using a custom content type in the Workflow Task List for custom Task Outcome values and have created a custom edit form for the same in designer under Workflow Task List.

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Copy the link from the approval form and include it in the email being sent.

You will have to include a reference to the task-id.



For the second part, you'd just need to add:


to the end of the url above to redirect another page or site.

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