I want to apply one of the default themes to my SharePoint site. I found Web.ApplyTheme() method which requires

  • string colorPaletteUrl,
  • string fontSchemeUrl,
  • string backgroundImageUrl,
  • bool shareGenerated

I have tried to use one of the existing colorPalettes and fontSchemes found under Designer Gallery: enter image description here

$ctx.Web.ApplyTheme("https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/powie1/_catalogs/theme/15/Palette001","https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/powie1/_catalogs/theme/15/fontscheme001.spfont",$null, $true)

and url with .spcolor extension:

$ctx.Web.ApplyTheme("https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/powie1/_catalogs/theme/15/Palette001","https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/powie1/_catalogs/theme/15/fontscheme001.spfont",$null, $true)

but I am receiving an error

Exception calling "ApplyTheme" with "4" argument(s): "The 'colorPaletteUrl' argument is invalid."

How can I assign a theme to a SharePoint Online site?


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If you notice in both of your given code examples the Palette001 is without .spcolor extension. I suspect this could be the issue.

Refer screen shot which show Palatte001 with extension.

enter image description here

I have not tested this code but you can try using below improvements

Improving your code with added .spcolor extension:

$ctx.Web.ApplyTheme("https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/powie1/_catalogs/theme/15/Palette001.spcolor","https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/powie1/_catalogs/theme/15/fontscheme001.spfont",$null, $true)

Now if we consider $null argument as mentioned by @Anuja, we can improve further.

$bgImageUrl = Out-Null
$ctx.Web.ApplyTheme("https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/powie1/_catalogs/theme/15/Palette001.spcolor", "https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/powie1/_catalogs/theme/15/fontscheme001.spfont", $bgImageUrl, $true)

Lastly referring from CSOM + PowerShell: Setting Theme on Site, the urls are relative here.

$web.ApplyTheme( "/_catalogs/theme/15/Palette001.spcolor", "/_catalogs/theme/15/fontscheme001.spfont", $bgImageUrl, $true)

Try with Out-Null instead of $null or null or Empty String

follow this link for more information http://sprider.org/2015/03/24/o365-sharepoint-online-apply-theme-csom-powershell/

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