I need please help by my JS Link problem. I want to lock a column in a form when it has a value inside. To do this I try this code. It works but when I click on save the value in the title filed will not be saved.

This is the code I used var _TitleField = SPClientTemplates.Utility.GetFormContextForCurrentField(ctx); var _TitleFieldId = _TitleField.fieldSchema.Id; var _TitleFieldName = _TitleField.fieldName; var _TitleFieldValue = ctx.CurrentItem.Title;

var _TitleFieldDiv = _TitleFieldName + '_' + _TitleFieldId + '_$TextField';

var result = "";

if (_TitleFieldValue) {
result = "<div><input type='text' id='" + _TitleFieldId + "' name= '" + _TitleFieldName + "' value= '" + _TitleFieldValue +  "'disabled='disabled' /></div>";
} else {
result = "<div id='" + _TitleFieldDiv + "'><input type='text' id='" + _TitleFieldId + "' title= '" + _TitleFieldName + "' value='' maxlength='255' class='ms-long ms-spellcheck-true'></div>";  

return result;

Thanks for your help

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Stefan, you need to register callbacks so that SharePoint will call them at appropriate times. In this case while saving the item.

formCtx.registerGetValueCallback(formCtx.fieldName, function () { })

In the above function you got to return your fieldvalue so that sharepoint will pick it while saving the item.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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