I used the built in approval workflow within SharePoint 2010 for a customized form created from InfoPath. Works perfectly, then I created a serparte workflow to assighn a task to users once the form has been approved. The problem is no matter what conditions and logic I make for this new form to ONLY assighn the task when approved it also assighns it when rejected. Any suggestions ? ( Tried various Else " stop workflow" or Else " if status = rejected, then stop workflow and still not working)

Step 1: If (JOB Form):ApprovalStatus equals );#Approved Wait for the Approval Status to equal 0;#Approved Then Assighn Take A to Deborah


I think you might need an "else" clause to finish your step.

IF "ApprovalStatus" equals "approve"

Then "assign task" to "Deborah"

ELSE "stop workflow"

Otherwise, it doesn't know what to do if your form is rejected, so it defauts to assigning.

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  • Thanks for your reply ! Unfortunatly I tried that various times with different wording and still not budging. – Vee Jun 22 '15 at 18:27
  • Oh dear. Sorry I wasn't more help! – Dollface1280 Jun 22 '15 at 19:57

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