I am trying to break permission inheritance for certain folders in my document library in office 365. However when $folder.BreakRoleInheritance($false) is executed I get an error:

Method invocation failed because [Microsoft.sharepoint.client.folder] does not contain a method named breakroleinheritance

my code:

function GetChildFolders($RootFolder) 
    if($count -ne 1){



    if($folderName -eq $FolderRelativePath){                                
        Write-host "Inheritance Broken"
        $group = $Context.web.SiteGroups[$groupAD];   
        write-host "group added"
        $collRdb = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.RoleDefinitionBindingCollection($context)

        Write-host "Permission added"
        $collRoleAssign = $RootFolder.Item.RoleAssignments

        $rollAssign = $collRoleAssign.Add($group, $collRdb)


    foreach($folder in $RootFolder.Folders)
        GetChildFolders $folder                       
GetChildFolders $List.RootFolder

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Microsoft.sharepoint.client.folder does not have property for "BreakRoleInheritance"

You can use as below to break permission inheritance


Hope it will help to you.

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