We created a task scheduler to run a bat file which has this code to take the incremental back up of the site.

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\BIN\stsadm" -o backup -url http://xyz -filename D:\SP_Backups\abc.bak -backupmethod differential -nositelock -overwrite

The back up is doing fine every night but i am having a feeling it is taking really long. the back up file is about 9gb. it tooks about 4 hours to do it.

Is it normal or can we do something to speed up the process ?


are you trying to backup the site collection of farm? Looks like it is farm back up.

When the url parameter is used, a backup of the site collection is created. However when the backupmethod parameter is used, a backup of an individual database, Web application, or the entire farm can be created.

Their is one more property which can help you increasing the backup time.You can use [-backupthreads] butthis has some pros and cons.

The number of threads that should be used during the backup. For Windows SharePoint Services, the recommended value is 3 threads. The default value is 1. The fewer the threads, the easier it is to read and understand the backup log file.

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