I have a document library and I want to loop through all the folders I have in it. I have this piece of code

           ##write-host 'RootFolder.Folders.Count:', $list.RootFolder.Folders.Count
           foreach ($foldername in $list.RootFolder.Folders)

               write-host $foldername.name 


Which works for the folders in the root but not with subfolders. Also it returns a folder that is non existent called Forms, is this a oob folder that is hidden? How do I loop through subfolders as well?

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You will have to write a recursive method for this. You can exclude Forms folder as all the List & Libraries in SharePoint has a default Forms folder where all the view/Add/Edit forms will be stored.

function GetChildFolders($RootFolder) 
        write-host $RootFolder.Name 
        foreach($folder in $RootFolder.Folders)
          if($folder.Name -ne "Forms")
           Recurse $folder  

Call this method and pass $List.RootFolder

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