Hi I am creating a new site collection to my organization and i want to add News list which will contain news in both languages English and Arabic

I create a new list then i Add column such as


then i created two views Arview for Arabic and Enview for English which will show the news in default page

now after i add webpart to the default page for English site I selected Enview then I changed the language to Arabic and modify the View to Arview (as what we do in page title) but that did not work it keeps one view for both Arabic and English site

what is the solution for this

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" then I changed the language to Arabic " where did you change this? Are talking about language and region setting of user?

Why are you expecting your webpart to change depending on the user language setting, as its a single page you are referring to. You might need to use some script to detect user language and change/hide webpart on runtime.

Please help me understand, if I have missed something.

  • if there is a script that can be added to the site to hide webpart depend on user language please provide it to me Jun 18, 2015 at 8:13

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