How can you configure PerformancePoint to use an existing Target Application ID using PowerShell?

Neither Set-SPPerformancePointSecureDataValues or Set-SPPerformancePointServiceApplication seem to have parameter to set Target Application ID for the Unattended Service Account .

I have found the properties of the PerformancePoint Service Application object that store the Unattended Account Type (DataSourceUnattendedServiceAccountType) and the Target Application (DataSourceUnattendedServiceAccountTargetApplica):

$SvcName="PerformancePoint Service Application"
$SPPerformancePointService=Get-SPPerformancePointServiceApplication $SvcName

If I try


Then I get the following error:

Method invocation failed because [Microsoft.PerformancePoint.Scorecards.SPPerformancePointMonitoringServiceApplicationPublicWrapper] does not contain a method named 'Update'.


There is no "update" for that service, the setting is immediate. Your command should have been successful. You can confirm using the UI in central admin.

I just confirmed on an installation I am working through that this works.

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