This may be very simple but I am very very new to SharePoint and I am trying to create workflows for a change management process. Can someone tell me how to configure a workflow to:

Assign a task to the project manager for approval AND Send a notification email to the applications manager based on the system selected in the form (there are 5 people who handle 9 systems so it will go to the person who handles each particular system).

Thank you so much in advance - this has been driving me mad!


There are many examples available on the internet, In your case you need a SharePoint designer workflow.


There are 3 types of workflows in SP,

  1. OOB Workflow - http://blog.csdn.net/tristan_dong/article/details/8295105
  2. Designer Workflow - https://www.webucator.com/tutorial/advanced-microsoft-sharepoint/creating-custom-workflows-with-sharepoint-designer-2013.cfm
  3. Custom (visual studio) Workflow

Some simple process like, submit and approval, bug tracking, can be done in OOB itself.

If your problem is not solved after exploring OOB link above, goto Designer workflow.

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