I have a query rule that triggers the display of a result block. I have a couple custom managed properties I'd like to display in the result block, but they always show up empty in my display template.

I followed Bella's wonderful entry and was able to get the custom managed properties to show in ranked search results, but if I use the exact same item template inside a result block, the values are empty.

I've included my fields in the ManagedPropertyMapping field of my item template, and I have confirmed that the managed properties have been created successfully, as I can see their values when hitting the search API directly.

I have a hunch that for some reason, when using an item template inside a result block, that it does't pay attention to the custom properties in the ManagedPropertyMapping tag.

So finally my question.... Has anyone been able to display a custom managed property inside a result block?

Much appreciated,

  • I have the same problem. – Pantani Jan 6 '16 at 8:31

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