For some reason I can't get a selectable connection to pass the filter values to the list view web part. I select the web part to pass the filter values to, but then the Connection Box comes up empty - there's no default connection type - or any connection type - to select and configure. The filter correctly pulls selectable values from the source list. This is Sharepoint 2013 Enterprise.

Connection Dialog

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You've ran into this problem 3 hours before me going by the time of your post.

Apparently one of the issues is that in IE11 you have to turn on compatibility mode. Once I did that it worked, and then I had to select "Get filter values" rather than parameters in order to get the list of filter options.

I hope that helps!

  • Perfect - thank you! That was the problem. Microsoft tried to tell me it was a "user issue"...who would have thought there would be compatibility settings issues between IE 11 and Sharepoint 2013?
    – Quasimodo
    Commented Jun 11, 2015 at 14:47

Or if using Edge then switch to IE.


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