Say you have the following:

  • Planet List
  • Country List
  • Region List
  • Town List
  • Street List

Street List has a content type called "Street", which in it has a lookup to the Town List. So the flow for creating a new street is as follows:

  1. Create a planet.
  2. Create a country, specify planet in dropdown.
  3. Create a region, specify country in dropdown.
  4. Create town, specify region in dropdown.
  5. Create street, specify town in dropdown.

Each list has it's own specific properties (Planet has "SE Co-ordinates", Country has "Main language", etc..). This means that these cannot be used as managed metadata tags.

Now, I'm going to create a new document in the document library which has a content type using the "Street lookup" field.

Obviously, in the document information panel in Word - I'm going to get a gazilion different streets to choose from (including ones from other planets :P).

You can always hack your way around it in the UI. But this seems like really basic functionality - am I the first one to add addresses to documents in SharePoint??


There are some third party solutions like SharePoint Cascaded Lookups from Codeplex, or using jQuery or Cross site and cascaded lookup from Virtosoftware.

  • Hi, could you please read the document information panel part of the question
    – David
    Jun 10 '15 at 12:58

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