I have two lists, Notification1 and Notification2, and they have the one people field named Owner. The first one is created via SOM, and the last one is created via SharePoint UI. The problem with the Notification1 is that its value does not show up on rest api result.

Normally, the result would look like that as shown on the Notification2 list; however, it does not on Notification1 list.

<d:OwnerId m:type="Edm.Int32">7</d:OwnerId>

If result like so, I can easily query on this field value, like

$filter=Owner/EMail eq 'myemail@gmail.com'

If I use $expand=Owner&$select=Owner/EMail, it is ok, but I cannot use Owner/Email on $filter. I just want to get items that have the same LoginName or Email with current login user.

What is the problem with Notification1 list? Any ways to filter in case the people field does not show up on result?


The value does not show up since the field is set with MultiUser. By now, it does not support query on such field. We might have to write service api to fit this requirement or use more than one query to find desire results.

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