I want to know what function is called when Sharepoint NewsFeed's Post button is clicked.

I want to override or change it because it adds post image with wrong dimensions

<button id="ms-postreplybutton_1.1cb64504733e419c980e01269ed96f7a.049023eae3fc4b27a4755ed99c0e57cf.a28168d7eab4416783ec0599909c7d7f.0c37852b34d0418e91c62ac25af4be5b.6f01a2799a02461a9b636acab1d7fa98.10.10.S-1-5-21-1393957893-2012297305-37170099-80844" type="button" class="ms-microfeed-postButton ms-button-emphasize ms-floatRight" attachid="1.1cb64504733e419c980e01269ed96f7a.049023eae3fc4b27a4755ed99c0e57cf.a28168d7eab4416783ec0599909c7d7f.0c37852b34d0418e91c62ac25af4be5b.6f01a2799a02461a9b636acab1d7fa98.10.10.S-1-5-21-1393957893-2012297305-37170099-80844" disabled="">Post</button>

Also can someone explain, what is attachId property in button tag


All the functionalities related to SharePoint Newsfeed is included in SP.UI.MicroFeed.js which is a minified version.

You can also find debug version(SP.UI.MicroFeed.debug.js) too at

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS

$7Z_0 is the function if you want to override

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    Thanks How did you know this function is called ? – Muhammad zaighum Jun 9 '15 at 9:44
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    IE Developer Tools – Chandrakanth Jun 9 '15 at 10:55

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