I am using image renditions for rendering images of various sizes

When i check the network, it shows that the images that are from PublishingImages (images that use image Rendition) are having an http status of 304 (other images from other places like style library etc are having 200)

The other images are being loaded from cache where as images that use image rendering i.e ...../ImageName?RenditionID=x are not loaded from cache

Is there a way where i can use cache for these images too?

I have read this, this and this


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Images in Publishing Library should be published to enabled caching. If not, the the image response will include 304, which will need to go back to the server to check if the image has changed. Though 304 requests are served from browser cache, it still has to take a roundtrip to server to confirm the image has not changed.

Hope it helps.

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