how to build caml query for following condition. All the fields all from single list.

select empid, ename, salary from emp where empid=(100 or 107 or 99 or 103 or 105) and deptno=10 and mgrId=23

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Try below:

        <FieldRef Name='empid'/>
        <FieldRef Name='ename'/>
        <FieldRef Name='salary'/>
                    <FieldRef Name='empid' />
                        <Value Type='Integer'>100</Value>
                        <Value Type='Integer'>107</Value>
                        <Value Type='Integer'>99</Value>
                        <Value Type='Integer'>103</Value>
                        <Value Type='Integer'>105</Value>
                    <Eq><FieldRef Name='deptno'/><Value Type='Integer'>10</Value></Eq>
                    <Eq><FieldRef Name='mgrId'/><Value Type='Integer'>23</Value></Eq>

Also you can see list of caml query builder tools . You can use any of these tools to further build more queries and test it.

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