I'm editing some SharePoint 2010 list item forms using InfoPath 2010 and some with JavaScript/JQuery. I know that Microsoft will not support InfoPath after SharePoint 2013. InfoPath is easy to use to edit item forms and can use some simple rules to interact with user; but can not do whatever I want to. JQuery is not as easy as InfoPath but I can do whatever I want to such as animations and more. I can use SPServices to add/update list items but this takes longer than InfoPath.

What are pros and cons of InfoPath and JavaScript/JQuery? Which should I use at new projects? Is there any other alternative?

Thank you in advance.


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Even though InfoPath might be the easier and faster choice I would still say go with JavaScript. this is mainly because of an update scenario, where Client Side Rendering comes into the picture in SP 2013+.

Personally I doubt that InfoPath will survive the years to come, however that is just speculation from my side. Microsoft's road is clear, APPS and CSR is the new black :)

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