I am ready to create "Search Service Application" in SharePoint 2013. I have few questions before I use the GUI or PowerShell to create search svc app.

  1. I have a dedicated VM (SP2013Search) for search
  2. How do I provision Search Service App so it uses server from step 1?
  3. Also, I read somewhere that I can move SP 2010 existing (non-fast) search DB to 2013. Is that a good idea given SP 2013 search DB schema may be way different than SP 2010 enterprise search (not fast). But I also have bunch of metadata that I created in SP 2010 search and custom scopes. Should I start SP 2013 from scratch and use some other mean to import Managed Metadata and Scopes?
  1. If you have enough resources on VM( Memory and CPU) then their will be no issue.
  2. If you use the powershell then you can mentioned it.check this
  3. If you dont have too much data in 2010 then i would prefer clean 2013( manually create the Scopes etc). Migration is not easy process for search.check this for migration

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