I am creating a solution (wsp file) that will be installed on a SharePoint 2010 Server. The solution uses a third party DLL which was built on .NET 4.5. I have created my solution using the target framework of .NET 4.5 to accommodate this third party DLL, but I am not able to add the solution as SP 2010 is based on .NET 3.5. Is there an update to SP2010 that will allow for .NET 4.5 based solutions?



Well kind of, that upgrade is SharePoint 2013.

In your case you're probably best off splitting you solution into two:

  • a seperate web service or windows service using 4.5 which hosts the dll
  • the wsp part in 3.5 calling this service

SharePoint 2010 does not support access from .NET Framework 4 or being run in a .NET Framework 4 app domain. If you must support the .NET Framework 4, we recommend that you develop a web service that uses the .NET Framework 4 and then connect to it from SharePoint. All server-side customizations directly for SharePoint 2010 still need to be either the .NET Framework 3.5 or the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

For more information, see the following MSDN Library topics.

Source: NET Framework support in SharePoint 2010

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