I got 2 SP2010 (win 2008R2) farms and 2 web-applications running on them:

Farm1 (prd) -> app-prd Farm2 (tst) -> app-tst

(app-prd and app-tst are FQDN http links)

on those web-applications we've created one site collection (in / path) and deployed custom solution with some application, both sites are using the same version of this custom solution,

one site (app-prd) renders ok, second site (app-tst) is rendering with no css, ugly "icon map" and some unwanted texts visible to end-users; administrative pages are also without css,

after some checking i discovered that on app-tst I see errors in IE/Firefox console:

CSS was ignored due to mime type mismatch

for 2 css files

the css files are served as application/octet-stream and on other collecions as text/css

i've created app-tst/site/1 site collection for testing purpose but it works just fine,

on IIS Mime-Types i see proper entry - .css -> text/css

tried iisreset and pool recycling with no luck,

i am running out of ideas :)

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