I am using Import-SPWeb to import a site into a new site collection.

The import works as expected, but after import it shows me as creator/modifier on all the documents in the site. Also all permissions to site/library are lost.

I know that if users no longer exist then it defaults to the user running the command but this is not the case. All users still exist in the system.

I am using Central Administration to export the site and I have the option Export full security checked.

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You could try to use PowerShell instead of the central admin backup.

Export-SPWeb -identity "http://URL/sites/subsiteToBeExported" -Path "LocationToStoreExport\exportname.cmp" -includeUserSecurity 

The location for the backup can be local on the server ( best for performance ) or a UNC path where the account that runs the command got read/write permissions.

IncludeUserSecuirty make's sure that the all the user permissions are intact and the data for created, modified, created by and modified by are preserved.

Also take a look at the IncludeVersions parameter if you are using versions on the subsite.


  • Glad to hear. When the UI gives up, PowerShell works most of the time. :) Commented Jun 4, 2015 at 6:25

You can import the exported backup via the administration console using Import-SPWeb with IncludeUserSecurity option.

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