I have videos that are "tagged" with one or more terms from managed metadata. I want to get a list of documents in the Documents library whose tags match one or more of the video's tags. I am able to get the managed metadata for the video using spservices (ex. 64;#Campaign Videos) but can't figure out how to use that to get a list.


You can do it using the CAML query. The below mentioned technet explain in details with example how to build query and get the value.

Querying on Managed Metadata Field Values in SharePoint Server

  • I am having trouble figuring out how to manage a sub-select. I basically need to do this: SELECT * FROM Documents t1 WHERE MMLookupField IN (SELECT MMLookupField FROM Documents t2 WHERE t2.ID = X) ...or something along those lines. I only want to make one spservices call if at all possible. Jun 3 '15 at 13:40

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