I have a scratch SharePoint farm to use for testing and experimenting. I used Wrox's "Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration" to set up the farm.

I did a farm backup using the Central Administration (CA) interface and then a farm restore using the CA interface as well. The restore didn't 100% succeed because the User Profile Service Application was running at the time. I stopped the application, did the restore, and it completed 100% successfully. I then started the User Profile Service Application.

Now, when I point a browser (whether on the SharePoint server or a separate client workstation) to either of my web applications (my.skunkworks.loc, portal.skunkworks.loc) I'm presented with a page that didn't appear before the restore:

Sign In: Select the credentials...

Any idea why this is appearing? I need to get this figured out before we start doing farm backups and restores in dev/test/prod.


  • did you check the what authentication method selected in the web application.from central admin > application management > from ribbon select authentication provider... – Waqas Sarwar MVP Jun 1 '15 at 15:37
  • For both my.skunkworks.loc and portal.skunkworks.loc the Zone is Default and the Membership Provider Name is Claims Based Authentication. For Central Administration the Zone is Default and the Membership Provider Name is Windows. – kleefaj Jun 1 '15 at 15:43

For each web application I changed the Integrated Windows authentication from NTLM to Negotiate (Kerberos), clicked Save, changed Integrated Windows authentication back to NTLM, and clicked Save.

I'm not sure if anything else broke but at least this problem went away.

Thanks, Paul: SharePoint | TechCenter

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