I'm searching a way to activate the features Permissive X-FRAME-OPTIONS Header on my web application with powershell. But i can't find it with Get-Feature. Here is the feature i want to change:

enter image description here

With the command

get-spfeature | where-object {($.CompatibilityLevel -eq 15) -and ($.scope -eq "WebApplication")} | Sort-object displayname

I get:

enter image description here

Where do i need to search to find it and activate it?

Thank you.

  • This feature is not a standard feature but a custom one installed by a custom wsp solution in your farm May 30, 2015 at 9:36

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I finally find it. The compatibility level was 14 and not 15. Weird because i thought that for sharepoint 2013, it was 15 and for 2010 it was 15. I understood it badly i presume. So:

get-spfeature | where-object {($.CompatibilityLevel -eq 14) -and ($.scope -eq "WebApplication")} | Sort-object displayname | select displayname

Give me the:


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