I have a Visual Studio 2012 having a SharePoint solution. Somehow, I was missing the Package folder in the solution. I got it back from the Source Control Explorer as the solution is saved in to the TFS. But I am not able to open the Package file in the designer. As while deploying the solution I am getting an error A Feature with the following item ID could not be found:[ID]. This file is already deleted from solution but there is still reference lied in the pakcage file. When I remove it from the xml file, it is not getting deleted. So now, I need to open the package file in the designer and remove reference of that solution item.

What should I do?

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After searching on internet for hours and with the help of Mr. Kalpesh (my superior) I was able to find the solution.

There is one .csproj file for each solution. Open this in the notepad and find for the <None Include="Package\Package.package"> tag. In my case it was not there. So I got another working solution's .csproj file and copied the entire tag from it.

<None Include="Package\Package.package">
  <PackageId>{GUID Of Solution}</PackageId>

To get the solution id convert the wsp to cab and extract all files. In manifest.xml file you will find the solution id.

The same solution ID should be there in Package.package file in Id attribute and solutionId attribute of package tag.

After doing above changes I was able to open the Package file in designer and also able to deploy the solution.

Hope this can save time of others.!!!

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