I am trying to make the ribbon always open, meaning one tab is always open.

I managed to create an initial tab, that opens when the page loads. I used the following code to do it:

SPRibbon ribbon = SPRibbon.GetCurrent(this.Page);

ribbon.Minimized = false;
ribbon.CommandUIVisible = true;

const string initialTabId = "Ribbon.Test";

if (!ribbon.IsTabAvailable(initialTabId))

ribbon.InitialTabId = initialTabId;

I can't find a way to make it always open (disable closing).

How could i achive that in Shaprepoint?

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You can append your url with InitialTabId=<RibbonID>

  • I already did that, as it can be seen in the code. This way when Io pen the page, the tab is loaded, but the tab can be closed.
    – user42703
    Jun 1, 2015 at 6:10

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