I have two pages that use the same list with different columns displayed (from list columns A, B, C, D, E, page1 list view contains A, B, C; page2 list view contains A, D, E). The desired functionality is that whenever I edit a list item in one of these pages I use a different edit form. Is there a way to display different list edit forms directly? As far as I know, each list has a default new and edit forms assigned and creating an additional form requires switching through "Current View" to the desired edit form. What How can I make the edit form, that is not default to be opened by default?

What I have tried so far: I have tried setting up two different content types, into one list, although I am not sure how to display and use content type discretely in one page or another.

I also stumbled into this answer, although I am not sure how should I use an additional field for deducing the form.

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Create new form using SharePoint Designer for your list "MyList", call the form "MySecondEditForm". Then you can use link like http://mysharepoint.com/Lists/MyList/MySecondEditForm.aspx?ID=[N]&Source=[S] to access that form. Depending on how you display the list on the pages, you can use e.g., JSLink to add specific "Edit" button for each row containing the correct link.

  • [N] needs to be the ID of the list item you would like to edit.
  • You can also define [S] to be the URL user is redirected to after clicking OK/Cancel on the edit form.

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