I'm creating a new search scope which is set to include all content from a specific sub site.

I am aware that I need to wait for the scheduled (or manual) update to run before the scope is ready but what I don't know is if I should also be running a full crawl once the update has taken place? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I don't think you need a full crawl. This Microsoft Support article only mentions the compiling/update, but does not mention a crawl.

Search scopes and their rules are compiled on a schedule that is adjusted automatically based on the frequency of past updates. The administrator can also set scope updates to occur manually. A new scope will not appear in a Search Box scope list until after it is compiled the first time.

A crawl updates the index. A search scope is basically just a filter on the existing index, so it does not require a refresh of the existing index.

Why don't you just try it and see? If you find you need a full crawl, schedule it to run over night.

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