How to hide the group title in a server ribbon tab?

I've seen a picture of a ribbon without group titles, but removing the group title or just leaving it blank, produces a nerfed layout, which look like this:

Ribbon nerfed layout

I customized the server ribbon following this tutorial http://www.sharepointnutsandbolts.com/2010/01/customizing-ribbon-part-1-creating-tabs.html

The sharepoint version I am testing it on is 2013.


It appears that the group title needs to be specified in order for sharepoint to work correctly. But a grouptitle can be hidden via css. The class responsible for the group title is "ms-cui-groupTitle". So in css we hide it wit the following command:

.ms-cui-groupTitle {

This way the group title exists, but it is invisible.


The visibility attribute hides the group title, but leaves a blank space there. Using "display: none" the entire ribbon is nerfed, and does not work correctly.

So to overcome both issues, the ribbon needs to be scaled. This is done by adding height definitions to .ms-cui-tabContainer and #s4-ribbonrow

.ms-cui-tabContainer {
    height: 60px;

body #s4-ribbonrow {
    height: 100px !important;

This way, the ribbon is rendered perfectly

The downside of this is that it scales the other tabs. In my case it scaled the "PAGE" tab to this:

Shrinked ribbon tab

Which is actually not bad. To overcome this the heights must be defined based on the tab id, so the other tabs will not shrink.

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