I am localizing a SharePoint Hosted App and successfully applied localization to custom list but localizing following two elements seems to be not working:

  1. Ribbon Custom Action
  2. Menu Item Custom Action

The problem is that on Ribbon and Custom Action it is shwoing $Resources:RESOURCENAME instead of Resource Value. By the way, the custom action is defined as under in my app:


Any guess what is wrong with it?

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Your SharePoint hosted app solution in VS should have a folder named Resources (Host Web). In this folder you should have a resource file named Resources.en-US.resx with the key and the string. The custom should be able to locate the resource file.

  • I already have Resources (Host Web) folder and Resources.en-US.resx file in it with the key and the string (name/value) but still it is not showing correctly. May 30, 2015 at 11:09

I edit the app package and copied the three relationship tags from AppManifest.xml.res to feature<"guid">.xml.rels in _rels folder and it resolved the issue. For details check-out this blog.

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