i have a questiuon regarding graphs in SP10.

In a tasklist i have added 3 fields whcih are important for this: - Task Status (Not started, In progress, Completed, Closed) - Region (APAC, Americas, Europe) - Country (depending on de Region)

I have created a list where i stated the Status's and did a count on the taskstatus from the tasklist. This works fine so i have a graph which shows the amount of status's globally

I have also created a list in which i entered the regions and a count on the regions in the tasklist which shows the amount of tasks per region (not divided by taskstatus)

The tricky part (for me) is the following. They also want to see a graph (for example) that shows the number of status's per region so i can show them that for region Europe there are 3 tasks not started, 1 in Progress and 10 Completed for example.

I cannot manage to do this. Looks simple in excel where you can say count if this is x and that is y.

We are not allowed to work with Designer and they do not have a BI center installed. How do i get a multiple count in one list for example.

List example of possible what i wish

Region Status Count Europe Not Started 3 Europe In progress 1 Europe Completed 5 APAC Not Started 3 APAC In Progress 2 etc etc

I also need this per country Region Country Status Count Europe Netherlands Not Started 3 Europe Netherland In progress 1 Europe Netherlands Completed 5 APAC India Not Started 3 APAC India In Progress 2 etc etc etc

Kind Regards


I have used d3.js for this. This gives you the ability to read the list through a caml query in javascript and generate any chart you want. It works great.

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    Why the downvote? – MdMazzotti May 23 '15 at 23:02
  • I do have some examples if you want to pursue d3.js. – JD Sanders May 23 '15 at 23:53

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